To squarely refute the social media tendencies of presenting a life free of qualms, I humbly give to you, this:  me, about 8 miles from having left my airbnb in Jackson, about 4 miles from the Shell station where I filled up, getting a tow to the hotel I had made a reservation at about 30 minutes prior to this photo being taken, the hotel which is about 1 mile from the shop I hope will be able to take a look at this tomorrow.  Because it’s Sunday and everyone’s closed.  Maybe planning all my drive days on Sundays wasn’t such a hot ticket after all…

And why I am getting a tow, you ask?  Good question; I hope the shop will be able to settle that for me.  But I think the Shell station’s 93 octane….wasn’t 93 octane.  Or 91.  Or 89.  So yeah…

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