Did you make it to the track on Friday?


Did you unload the car as is your custom?


Did you make it to the track on Saturday?


…are you currently on the bed eating a banana and drinking a Starbucks coffee?


Buttonwillow is the only scheduled city-stay hors d’oeuvre for this year’s trip, and somewhere around 1:30am on Friday morning I was reminded how the switch into transitory living is one I don’t necessarily rush.  Thursday night turned into 3am Friday, and Friday morning final clean-up and packing lasted some three hours.  This led to both being exhausted and arriving in Buttonwillow too late to head to the track.  And the exhaustion kept me from even attempting to unload the car into the 2nd floor motel room.  I blame the light sprinkles for keeping me from being trackside today…

Even with all the planning and anticipation, trying to schedule out tasks for the weekends and nights in advance of leaving, and mentally taking stock of my belongings so as to make sure packing will go as smoothly as possible, I think there is still some hangup that keeps me from galloping into the change.  And this was a familiar feeling.  At the start of last year’s trip, and on occasion during, my morning departure was delayed.  In Kansas, I needed to be heading out at around 7am because of an appointment at 10 in Omaha, Nebraska; by 7:45, I was finally starting the car.  In Vancouver, I think I was finally ready to depart about two hours after I had planned to be — this led to running into rush hour traffic in the Seattle area.

It seems as though once I spend a month at any one place, something happens to my gauge for ‘time necessary’ to get myself out of it.  This will be interesting as I believe I have something like four instances of this scheduled for this trip vs. just two from last year.  Always learning.

Time for that banana.

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