After Bremerton, I would have another city-stay hors d’oeuvre in Grants Pass, OR before making my way back down into California, and back to Sonora for winter.  And now, here we are, March 2019, and I’m two days away from starting this year’s iterative working road trip.

Warm words have already been shared between I and Sonora — more specifically, between and for Workplace Sonora [WPS] and its people.  The linked article is from May of 2018 at the beginning of my travels for that year.  The above lead photo was taken while at work in Vancouver later in the year and is of their keychain, as it is a permanent fixture on my keyring.

Earlier this evening at WPS, the owners, myself, and a couple others gathered round a plate of meat and cheese, beverages in hand, and proceeded to spend the next few hours talking about the future of Sonora, economic development, meeting people where they are, and finding ways to shine a light on all the good that can be had here.  Workplace Sonora is in the midst of expanding into another section of the building they occupy, and I am so incredibly happy for them.  The honesty and well-meaning intent of their existence and of all the ways they hope to enable positive impact within the community is contagious.  Good begets good, and I am excited about continuing to maintain contact with them, and wait anxiously to hear about each new person that comes into their fold to find a love of place waiting for them.


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