Logic and imagination are bedmates.

For either, there is a destination — the mind is directing itself toward an end.

What is logic besides the application of ideas upon some morsel of concrete data that leads to a [hopefully] succinct conclusion?  Carrying out this process to its end does not create the solution; does not produce the end; changes nothing about what is present and actual and now.

In this way, imagination differs from logic only in that the ideas and data are not required to be concrete.  Otherwise, the process is effectively the same as logic.  So, where logic works toward making an argument that is both sound and valid, imagination is more concerned with just being sound.

Within this context of focusing on the likenesses of these seemingly disparate entities, I wish for us now to consider urbanism and ruralism.  They are relative terms.  They are a way to identify a collection of people acting out their livelihoods and existential preferences en masse.  It is the individuals’ hierarchy of importance for those preferences that begins to drive a wedge between the two.  But we’re still just talking about people, and I feel it is worthwhile to consider them more alike than dissimilar — to see them as bedmates, if even somewhat tumultuous ones.

Of where all I’ve been, to date, I would have to say that one of the best places to experience these bedmates at play is Manhattan, KS.

Just go.  And be open to it.

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